Covid-19 Travel Health Insurance to Ukraine
Only 49 € For 90 Days
Covid-19 Travel Health Insurance to Ukraine
Only 49 € For 90 Days
Covid-19 Travel Health Insurance to Ukraine
Only 49 € For 90 Days

Why Do I Need Insurance ?

The Ukrainian government has lifted the entry ban for foreigners visiting Ukraine in the post covid19 environment. Citizens of all nationalities entering to Ukraine will be have to have  covid-19 health insurance coverage.
This is a mandatory health insurance specific for covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.The health insurance is available only by Ukrainian health insurance company.

WARNING:  You are not allowed to enter Ukraine without a valid health insurance coverage!

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Price: 49,00 €

About Us

JSC “Kharkiv Municipal Insurance Company”  Is one of the most leading insurance companies in Ukraine and it offers a special health coverage for 90 days at the price of 49 €. The insurance covering any covid-19 coronavirus claim.

A.A. Broshi LTD is a general partner of  “Kharkiv Municipal Insurance Company” outside Ukraine.

JSC “Kharkiv Municipal Insurance Company” begins its history with the creation of the joint-stock insurance company “NPK-ASTO”, which was officially registered on August 6, 1991 by the Kiev District Council of People’s Deputies in Kharkov. The successor of NPK-ASTO by the order of the executive committee of the Kiev District Council of People’s Deputies of the city of Kharkov dated June 14, 1993 was the Joint Stock Company Insurance Company NPK-VELTON. Its current name “Kharkiv Municipal Insurance Company” was acquired on April 7, 1999 by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Kharkiv City Council of People’s Deputies.

The aim of the activities of PJSC “Kharkiv Municipal Insurance Company” is to meet the needs of the market for insurance services and obtain legitimate profit by carrying out entrepreneurial activities in Ukraine, as well as meeting the socio-economic needs of shareholders and members of the workforce.

The subject of the company is: insurance, reinsurance and financial activities related to the formation and placement of insurance reserves and their management, and other services in the field of insurance within the limits determined by the current legislation of Ukraine on insurance activities.

PJSC “Kharkiv Municipal Insurance Company” has an independent balance sheet, bank accounts, seal, brand name (symbols), long history, reliable reputation and a team of professionals.

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